Are you concerned with cars parked illegally around or on your property? Learn the advantages of working with towing services.

Services Provided by Towing Companies

27 February 2017
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The primary core business of a towing company is to tow cars. Whether you are stuck somewhere or your car had a major breakdown, these companies will tow your car to your desired location. A towing company, however, provides more additional services to their clients. Fuel Delivery If your car runs out of gas and you did not carry any spare along, you can call a towing company to deliver fuel for you. Read More …

6 Tips to Ensure Safety When You Have a Roadside Emergency

19 July 2016
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Having a roadside emergency is distressing, especially when it happens at night or far from immediate assistance. However, there are steps that can be taken to ensure that you survive the mishap before you get assistance. Read on to find out more. 1. Move from the road If your car can still be safely driven, slowly direct it to the side of the road to allow other road-users to pass unobstructed. Read More …

Towing Service | 3 Ways To Handle A Car Tyre Puncture Calmly When You Don’t Have A Spare

16 June 2016
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Your tyres are likely reliable most of the time, but there's also the rare possibility that they can get punctured because of incorrect pressure or sharp objects on the road, making it difficult for you to drive further. If you're on a major highway, it's easy to panic, but this may cause you to end up in a devastating accident because of fast speeds. Be sure to calmly follow these directions to prevent any accidents when you don't have a spare. Read More …

Preparing Your Heavy Machinery/Equipment for Transport

6 May 2016
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Transporting heavy machinery and equipment such as tractors, forklifts and even vehicles is quite involved. You will need to find a reputable heavy machinery transport company and negotiate transport costs. However, before the arrival of the moving truck, you have to prepare your heavy machinery for the transport. This will help ensure that it's safe during the transport. Preparation is easy but can be overwhelming if you have never done it before. Read More …

What To Do While Waiting For the Tow Truck to Arrive

5 May 2016
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While vehicle maintenance is key to ensuring that your car doesn't suffer unnecessary breakdowns while on the road, it's no guarantee that it will never break down. Your vehicle might come to a halt while you are on the road, perhaps because of unforeseen mechanical issues or even an accident. When this happens, you will want to contact a towing service. However, the truck may not arrive immediately and while waiting for it, you need to ensure the safety of other drivers, especially when your car breaks down on a dangerous spot such as a corner, and your own safety, especially at night or when you are in a strange location. Read More …

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