Getting these cars off my verge

Are you concerned with cars parked illegally around or on your property? Learn the advantages of working with towing services.

Three Questions For The Towing Company

25 April 2016
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Unfortunately, many motorists are seldom prepared when their vehicles break down mid-way through a journey. This article discusses three quick questions that a motorist can use to determine the best towing company at that crucial hour. What Towing Mechanism Will The Company Use? "Four down" towing is when a vehicle is removed from the point of break-down by attaching it on the rear of a tow truck and pulling it to the garage. Read More …

Auto Accident: Selecting the Right Type of Towing Method

22 April 2016
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When your vehicle fails due to problems such as mechanical malfunctions, electrical issues or punctures, it is critical to commission immediate repairs. However, this might not be possible if the failure occurs during the night or if there are no servicing shops close-by. Therefore, it is important to understand towing services in local areas in case of such an emergency. One of the crucial factors that you should think about is the towing method. Read More …

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Getting these cars off my verge

Ever since the shops opened across the way, my verge keeps getting filled up with other people's cars. I have had enough, so I put up a sign letting them know that if they park there I will tow them. It's amazing how many people ignore the sign and park there anyway. When they ignore it, I put in a call to the towing service and get them towed. The towing service charges them to get the car back from their yard, so we are all much happier — apart from the silly driver who ignored my sign! Learn more about towing on my blog.